Club night Wednesdays 17.30 onwards.
Plus Challenger Cup Sunday 14 July at 1pm
First Round Cup, Shield and Pairs Competitions to be played by 30 June.

opening match the ‘Murray Johnson competition won by Simon Clough 21. Kevin Baird 10

Welcome to the Barnes Bowling Club

Step through the wooden gate of this long-established Bowling Club and time stands still. Situated within a stone’s throw of Barnes Pond, its glorious, beautifully tended Green is surrounded by a magnificent garden. Keeping tradition alive, the Barnes Bowling Club plays on a naturally undulating surface and uses only two ‘woods’ or bowls. The Barnes Bowling Club Green is thought to be the oldest surviving Pub Green in London and is the only Green of its kind which does not conform to the requirements of Flat Green Bowls established in 1903 or the Standard Crown Green Bowls – rather, the Club plays by 18th Century Rules (also known as Elizabethan Bowls) and, as the Green is smaller than traditional bowling Greens, play is conducted diagonally rather than in rinks.